Work with me

Meaning matters

I’m Netty van Haarlem, illustrator and designer. My work is about living and being human. About what gives meaning to life and about the struggles on the way. Sometimes with a wink, always with a warm undertone. I like to make subjects palpable and easier to discuss.

Head and heart

Complex themes are in good hands with me. I like to tell clear stories that touch. For example, I work on inaugural lectures for the university, for hospitals and social organizations and (professional) magazines.

Light in struggle

Next to my work as an illustrator, I work as an existential caregiver in a hospital. How do you deal with uncertainty, dependence or loss? Often in the conversations arises room for lightness, humor and strength.

My illustrations also handle about the different sides of life. They are an invitation to look further. To the person behind a story, the strength in vulnerability, the unexpected humor that sometimes emerges.


Would you like to know what I can do for you? I’d like to hear from you! Send an email to Or give me a call at +31633899577.


Illustrator aan werktafel



University of Humanistic Studies | Justice Ministry | Stichting Quarijn | Humanitas Rotterdam | Maastricht University Medical Centre | ZonMw



BA Graphic Design & Minor Illustration | AKV St. Joost
BA & MA Humanistic Studies | University of Humanistic Studies