About Netty

I am Netty van Haarlem, a freelance illustrator and graphic designer living in the outskirts of Utrecht. My work is about meaning. When working together, I focus on illuminating what matters to you. To find the strengths in your story and an authentic way to express them.

Meaning matters

I love to create work that makes you smile. Also, I’m not afraid of heavy subjects. I enjoy lightening them, to show that they are part of life. Seriousness and color, depth and humour may go hand in hand. I try to combine them in sensitive way.

Selected clients

University of Humanistic Studies | Justice Ministry | Stichting QuaRijn | Humanitas Rotterdam | Maastricht University Medical Centre (MUMC) | ZonMw


BA & MA Humanistic Studies | University of Humanistic Studies
BA Graphic design & minor illustration | AKV St. Joost


Netty designed our jubileum publication ‘If you don’t believe, what do you believe in?’, which turned out very beautifully. We regularly rely on her qualities as a designer. She is sincerely interested in our organisation and knows what we want and need. Putting her creativity at work, she connects with our needs and presents our message to our audience in an attractive way. I’m looking forward to the next project that we will turn into success story together.
Hans Scheper, Head humanistic caregiving, Dutch Ministry of Justice

I enjoy working with Netty. As an empathic person, she knows how to present important and sensitive subjects in an accessible way. We have made three publications together, all three covering different themes. Every time Netty surprises me with her visual translation. She works professionally and has an eye for the balance between tranquility and an inviting appearance of the subject matter. Communicating with her is very pleasant.
Klaartje de Vletter

The collaboration with Netty was open, involved, proactive, meticulous and creative. This has ensured that my website perfectly matches my personality. Moreover, my business coach awarded it the first prize in the websites of my year.
Josje Gorgels

Netty publishes both the oration booklets and the booklets for farewell lectures for the University of Humanistic Studies. She is responsible for the cover design and typography. We are very happy with her designs and the final results. By now a whole series of booklets by her hand is created. Netty is also responsible for the calligraphy on the bulls for our PhD students and honorary doctorates. I am very happy with our collaboration which is very pleasant and very professional as well.
Dorothé van Driel, Beadle University of Humanistic Studies

The design of a magazine requires a lot of consideration. It is important to hold the reader’s attention and captivate him/her through images. Therefore, we are fortunate to work together with Netty van Haarlem. She manages to come up with images that enable a different (more affective) entry to the articles, in a highly creative manner. She has a feel for the texts, which makes for a cooperation that comes naturally.
Sjaak Körver, Chief editor Tijdschrift Geestelijke Verzorging
(Dutch journal for existential and spiritual care)