Design and illustrations for orations and fare well speeches at the University of Humanistic Studies

Since 2016 I design and publish both the orations and farewell lectures of the University of Humanistic Studies. For each of them, I start by reading the text to come up with ideas for the illustration on the cover. Topics include pedagogy, philosophy and humanistic spiritual care.

The books appear as a series, having a similar design. They are printed and published online as well. I love to make this work for the university where I studied myself.

View the online version of the oration by Gert Biesta.

Tijd voor pedagogiek. Over de pedagogische paragraaf in onderwijs, opleiding en vorming
Multi cultural Dutch gathering at school

The oration by Doret de Ruyter is the only one that has appeared digitally only. This oration is about the meaning of education and what may help people bloom in a diverse society.

De betekenis van educatie. De bijdrage van menselijk floreren in een diverse samenleving